Male Foot Pain Pain In 10-11yr. Old Males Foot On The Heal?

Pain in 10-11yr. old males foot on the heal? - male foot pain

My son and some other kids in his soccer team to keep complaining about pain in the heel is not working? In the evaluation, there is nothing there, your doctor says it's good to get out of it for a while, but what hurts? There is also a form of tapes, so it feel better?


mountain... said...

I used to have the same pain in the heel when you during football practice. I got the same answer from a doctor. Before I had my next practice, I only have the stakes only in the heel and not the rest of the foot, have disappeared as Dr. Scholl and all my problems. Try it because it might work. Good Luck

miss advice said...

they need shoes. Sounds like the shoes are not good about a loss.

changeyo... said...

too much exercise can be an inflammation of the soft tissues of the foot more accurately run the dash .. only treatment is rest

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