800x600 Vs 1024x768 In Projectors Projector 800x600 Vs. 1024x768?

Projector 800x600 vs. 1024x768? - 800x600 vs 1024x768 in projectors

Looking to buy a projector, but can not decide what res. 800x600 vs 1024x768
I movies and DVDs. the maximum size of about 70 cm. and I do not play, 800x600 is enough? Thanks


Mimi said...

70IN it should go if you want better quality, we say the best Blu-ray May by the wish to get the 1024x768.

TV guy said...

800x600 SD
1024x768 HD

Check also other features: the inputs (if they only VGA, which is a problem), brightness, contrast, etc.

BANG P said...

1024x768 is better.

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