Is The Nln Exam Hard NLN Pre-entrance Nursing Exam Question?

NLN pre-entrance nursing exam question? - is the nln exam hard

Hello to all;
I want to test before the entry of nursing 13th November brings, just want advice from those who came before because I heard it is quite difficult, especially for those who have not taken place Anatomy and Physiology I and II.
Incidentally, I use "Review Guide for RN Pre-entrance examination" by Mary McDonald.
All information, please.


inkee... said...

Y ou have the test can be done before it is difficult in some areas, for example, uses the verbal request, or, like words, so that nobody except a good vocab U Fund, which will be difficult to have

Basic arithmetic is clear:

Science is unpredictable, because you do not know what most of them rely on q, can sometimes tons of chemistry, physics, or A & P if I do not think u have nothing to be feared when it is the fact that not taking u know A & P 2, but the biography is very easy, its organs and systems physiology, this is the fact

It must only be ensured if u do u practice and the pace while well yorself

Good luck to you! I have take back to the 8th November b / CI going to transfer to another school and not my scores, they want to bring their "own" the results

louise a said...

In which country, right? Ive been in the UK?

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