Free Wide Hips Women Pics Why Do Women Worry So Much About Their Weight, So Much So That Their Lives Are Controlled By It?

Why do women worry so much about their weight, so much so that their lives are controlled by it? - free wide hips women pics

Just a few thoughts in my personal opinion
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Unless someone is) at one end of the spectrum and the scope (morbid obesity or anorexia, the sensuality, the beauty and attractiveness of the (physically) than a type of body fat curve (hips, breasts, hourglass in) a woman or a strong package, the man with broad shoulders. These things are women / men for me.

In addition, when a man loves a woman who goes on the outside. A man can find true love, a woman of any size. Love is somewhere below a "perfect body"

I can not imagine feeling differently to my husband when Add 200 kg or 50 kg.

What is the hottest of the size of a man or a woman for you?
WherE are the most attractive parts of the body and makes you love?


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