Funny Ski Accident Stories Anyone Have Any Funny Ski Stories?

Anyone have any funny ski stories? - funny ski accident stories

I wonder if someone has a history of skiing accidents, ski or funny stories.

Here are my (not really from me, but) my teacher
We were on a skiing trip to school and my teacher was obviously one of the hills, "Black Diamond" and apparently "hit a piece of ice" and not a superman and started shooting, and I woke up (wear a helmet (very bad example )) to see the position of her head laughing.
Then he went to school the next day on crutches. Hehehe. Everyone in the school and makes fun of him and has not shown, would never down.
Payback ever make fun of other people by accident
So a bit of fun.
Other stories?


ULooKWei... said...

I do not know the "stories", but the fun stuff that I see on the ski happens when people in the elevators to. I know people who fall all the time, but still very funny.

sMiLeY #10 said...

I have walked up to the spirit of my friend, not a ski weekend, since I was a beginner, a woman on a group N class started, we have decided to participate, did not know that I have to pay for lessons. In the end, if we had asked them about tickets, we said no, but we were so far, he decides to forget.

TayTay69 said...

As I am 8 years old I am skiing a few times and was very good (at least I thought). I went down to black (a little) and even has some small cracks in the park and a field or two, things like that, so it was not bad for a kid of 8 years. But one day my dad couldnt skiing with me, so I went with my friend and we went skiing all day and then as needed in the parking lot from 3 to us again. But after skiing for a few races, I have to go to the races easy (for my girlfriend who was not good) and I wanted to go really fast tired. Well, we were at Snow Basin Ski Resort in Utah, where people fall competitions were held in the last Olympic Games. Can be solved I've heard that there are my father and some friends over hills run extremely fast, "a few weeks ago and I thought I was all that and a bag of chips, he decided not. So I took a couple of lifts and finished in the top of Grizzly. I do not know why he did not do when I saw this mountain, but I refused, and the next thing I knew I that fall on men *** Haulin, while older (and SMArter skiers), who was shouted down beside me. For the moment, when I realized that (I was in trouble do not last long), which went very quickly and was too scared to stop once the experiment. I do not think my legs were strong enough to keep me, although I would have liked. I just got faster and faster on the hill, not knowing what to do to slow down with a pile of old to cry, too. Finally, I was so scared that I just threw stop on the way back, in the hope that wouldnt damage as bad as taking a limit. Probably so. I jumped and spun and was a little down the hill before finally arriving at a stop ... away with my poles around the hill 50 meters.

Jim W said...

My son just learned to ski and is very good in most competitions, he began jumping moguls learn. After about 10 attempts was successful, and asked: "Hey Dad, can I get more up the hill?
"Yeah, but listen when I tell him.
It was 20 meters high was in the mountains and of course more than 20 "from the jump. He reached the seat of the problem in about 8" of soft snow. The expression on his face was great. It was 30 years ago and still hate history.

Love Machine said...

When a time when me and my father had been in the elevator and go out the elevator very slow cuz the man to fight in front of us had to lose if me and my father, the operator has to fly really fast and my father is too high

actually broke a rib in the fall, so I was not so funny, but now we have to laugh at him

gmoney said...

There were many funny stories were some very scary
I have about 12 people affected trees
and people who do not try to turn back and turn all the way
That goes for the Xbox 360,
Broken Ski
curved trunks
I do not know how many plants cons
I think that's the best when people are together (of course I want to hurt, but its funny as hell 2x)

Once, I went skiing with my friends and we were on the mountain and ran into these kids, even though they were so good (much sucked, and said some sh * t) and thus on the same route in the park land and tried to get up, we were much better, and we have enough play so that they do tricks and stuff on the way down. My friend has just a simple flip (180) in the snow and ski back - one of the trys of other children, and absolutely free Skiflug WIPS and everything. I had the luxury of being in the back, so I saw everything. if we end up, where the park begins hockey, we always stay together with syringes and SNOw (we were not enough to tell our friends aerosol-only). now one of the guys in the other group came and went quickly, hockey stops and catch an edge or something, plants and clean face and 2 of his friends. That was so funny, he was the fun and joy I could not stop, they die.

Morgan G said...

I was leaving gaps in the forest with a few friends and I made a few tycoons and was born, has convinced see a 180 to my friends, Ian and Billy. Firstly, from Ian and strikes the final blow and fly head first on the road, where the course ends. My friend seconds, and it is not under the blows of her jumps and leans forward, and not covered front flip and landed on the A ** to open along the route of

The case of the two events in one second. I searched the whole week

madskier... said...

My son and his friends went skiing at night in a local mountain in New Jersey.
Her boyfriend is a bit heavy and had never been on skis .... It was also at the end of the season and it was dirt around the entrance to the elevator.
Of course, the fat you have problems entering the elevator half and half of the chair is ascendant, when SPLAT!
He fell from his chair on the first page! GARAGE SALE!
Mud flying everywhere and everyone!
Too funny! When she came home and saw his friend ... I've lost!.
I still laugh whenever I see it.

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